The contemplative mood has passed, just like an English summer’s day.  So I feel that it is about time I got this blog back on track and returned to the topic of poo and bowels.

Last week after my visit to the oncology consultant , I dropped in on the stoma care team to ask a couple of questions about my ostomy and how, as thing are now more settled, I can better manage my ‘bag for life’.  The first issue to address was were to wear one’s trousers; above or below the stoma and as a result, should the bag be inside or outside of mon pantaloons.  We settled for the moment on the below and out positioning, to be reviewed once I have lost a bit more weight, but we did do a few tweaks to the location of the bag which can allow more flexibility and enhance my ability to wear a more fashionable trouser-line.  Don’t worry though, nothing will be poking out of the aforementioned trousers and there is no risk of an unfortunate bag flash to scare the children.

The second topic was a rather sticky one, literally.  I had been finding that my ‘output’ (technical tosh for poop) was sitting at the top of my bag in a bit of a clump and not sliding down in to the bag.  Apparently, this is a common issue that is known as ‘pancaking’, as in your poop sits at the top and as a result it gets flattened in to a bit of a pancake-like shape.  Mark, the Stoma Nurse suggested a number of methods to overcome this, but top of the list was to spray/wipe a bit of cooking oil inside the top of the bag to help things slip down to a more natural position.  I immediately, leapt to acquiring a suitable lubricant and spent a happy ten minutes in Sainsbury’s choosing between extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or good old crisp ‘n’ Dry.  Not wishing to risk a feint whiff of the chippy, I plumped for a pump-action olive oil spray that I am now using to lube up the uppermost quarters of my poop bag.  Hopefully the pancaking will be no more and I shall smell of the olive groves of southern Italy.

By the way. a few people have asked about how the old bag and stoma thing works.  So I will endeavour to create a short video in the coming weeks to show you all the mechanics of the process and how simple it all is.  I promise there will be no poop on show.

Andrew Williams

50 year old, living with his colon and bowel cancer and all that that entails. Quietly sweary, family man living in Somerset, UK.

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  1. Just returned from holiday and read your latest blog whilst eating salad dripping in olive oil, hmmm not so hungry anymore! Glad to hear that the pancake issue has been resolved though!

  2. I’m so glad that things are more slippy for you Andrew, predictive text wanted me to put sloppy, but I auto corrected.
    I’m SO looking forward to the video, knowing your skills, I’m counting on an entertaining few minutes.
    Hopefully our Bankfest this weekend will help with the lubing of the lining.
    Much love x
    Sue H

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