Look How Perky You Are

I am constantly surprised by the surprise that people show when they meet me.  Most who have heard about my situation, seem to be amazed that I am walking around, doing normal things and looking like me.  In fact one of my close and good friends commented the other day that I was looking ‘trim’ and whilst that may be an exaggeration (a welcome one) I don’t and haven’t ever thought of myself as being ill.

I am having treatment for cancer, my treatment for bowel cancer has happened and I am now willingly undergoing treatment for cancer.  I AM NOT ILL OR UNWELL!  I am not in pain, never really have been and I certainly don’t view myself as being sick.  Some people seem to be surprised by this, as I think they expect me to be a withered, sallow soul, hobbling around clutching my bum hole.  Well, I am afraid that’s not me.

I am perky and upbeat some of the time, grumpy and cantankerous for a reasonable amount of the time and pretty normal for the rest of the time. I might even be a little more ‘trim’ than I was a few weeks back.

Enjoy the music.

Andrew Williams

50 year old, living with his colon and bowel cancer and all that that entails. Quietly sweary, family man living in Somerset, UK.

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  1. I consider myself to be a strong character and make sure I rule life not the other way around. I have great respect for you and tip my hat to you also. A brave and wonderful person, if I didn’t know you better I would say there’s a little bit of SHEFFIELD steel inside you. (Maybe there is)

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