Me Me Me

What are the important things about me that you need to know.

First, I am 50 so I’m grown-up now.

I am married with two wonderful children, one of who is clinging to the remnants of her teenage years and the other who has flown the nest and is trying to be an independent adult. My beautiful wife supports me, guides me and makes sure I am sensible when I need to be.

I live in a village in Somerset in England.  A typical rural community.  Actually not so typical these days, because it still retains a sense of community and there are working farms, a pub, a church and a school, all functioning.  A healthy, vibrant community.

I enjoy music, photography, the outdoors, reading and the Internet.

I work for myself as a management consultant in the field of education, I am also a director of a health and beauty business and in my spare time I am a director of a festival that aims to raise funds for our village school and other local groups.

I would be described as a good sort.

If you are interested you can view my photographic efforts here