All Clear

For those of you that do read this blog, you will know that following the end of my chemotherapy in January I had a scan to determine whether the original cancer had spread or in fact had been caught and obliterated from my very being.  The scan proved inconclusive and was buggeringly frustrating, as it felt like I was no further forward than when I had started this whole thing.  So, fast forward three months and I had a new scan about 10 days ago and today was my meeting with my oncologist.

Now I am not just writing this next paragraph to build tension, but the past few weeks have been pretty difficult, as first the scan and then the consultation approached.  Whilst, in myself I have felt fit and funky, there has been a nagging doubt at the back of my head trying to persuade me that it couldn’t possibly be okay.  After all, it is only just over 12 months since I was diagnosed with cancer and people don’t normally get well that quickly.  Therefore, logic or my logic, told me that there was bound to be some setback just over the horizon and of course my head was telling me that today would be the day when the horizon was brought in to sharp focus and I would be told the painful truth.

Well the real truth is that I am now clear of the C word.  My fantastic oncologist told me that the scan was clear and clean, with no further evidence of this horrible condition.

I am acutely aware that I have been cared for by a superb team at Taunton’s Musgrove Park Hospital and their Beacon Centre.  I am very fortunate that they just go on with it and always treated me with respect and care.  Always professional and always caring (except for the recent episode when one of the team called me fatty, as I stepped off the scales having weighed in at 122 kg).   Of course the other part of the story is my family and friends, who have stayed strong and positive throughout and have always believed that we would beat this thing.  I will always be in their debt.

Over the past three months I have tried my best to get back to normal and pretty much life has been just that.  Let’s hope that following today, it continues to be just that!

PS.  The image is a montage of shots from a recent school reunion I attended.  It was a blast and lifted my spirits more than can be expressed in a few simple words.




Andrew Williams

50 year old, living with his colon and bowel cancer and all that that entails. Quietly sweary, family man living in Somerset, UK.

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  1. Another chapter in your life,one cannot imagine the thoughts you had leading up to last week.Your absolute dignity throughout,as well as your humour, has been something you should be proud of,as I too as your father am of you.Go forwards to a healthy and happy future son,

  2. Marvellous news Andrew. What lovely words from your dad too … btw I escaped Bellerbys and started my new life at Kings education about two months ago… interviews werent important to them … . Good luck with everything … you are an inspiration .. maybe our paths will cross again one day .

  3. Hey Andrew
    Its been a while and in that while you got better! We are truly thrilled for you and your family. Best wishes as always!!

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