When I can, I will add some links and thoughts on sources of advice.  Bear with me…

The best bit of advice I can give is this.  If you are at all worried about your bowel, bum or poops because something has changed or is different, go and speak to your GP or another medically trained professional.  Ask them to check it out to and be persistent.

I would rather be a bit embarrassed than a bit cancerous.

Support Organisations

Perhaps the first place to go Bowel Cancer UK lots of information and support for everyone.  Links also to their social media pages.

NHS Choice webpage with separate sections on the symptoms, causes and diagnosis of bowel cancer.

The behemoth of cancer support organisations Macmillan Cancer Support has a webpage chock full of information.  There are specific groups that allow you to share information with others who have similar diagnoses as you.

Other Blogs


Other Useful Guff

If you are unfortunate enough to go through what I and my family have experienced, make sure that in the early stages you listen carefully to the advice you receive from your surgeon and the team around them, particularly the colorectal nurse who will be assigned to you.  Ask them questions, they won’t get bored of you asking about stupid stuff and there probably isn’t anything they haven’t been asked before.  But you can always try.

I didn’t spend hours trawling the Internet for information, but there is a lot of stuff out there.   If it helps you to read about the issue then do it.  It wasn’t what I needed, but then we are all different.